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    Source :www.medrolpl.com Author :Laixin Hits: Date:2017/10/28 16:53:46

    Single crystal diamond

    English Name: monocrystalline diamond

    Applied disciplines: Mechanical Engineering (first level discipline); abrasives (two discipline); abrasives (three discipline)

    The morphology of diamond can be divided into single crystal intergrowths and poly crystal. The single crystal can be further divided into cubes, eight faces and rhombic twelve faces. The following is the crystal morphology of synthetic diamond, in which the six - eight surface is the most common form. The single crystal of synthetic diamond is in plane shape with obvious crystal edge and vertex angle.

    Manufacturing process editing of single crystal diamond

    Static pressure catalyst method

    The method of synthesizing diamond under the condition of stable thermodynamics of diamond, under the condition of constant ultrahigh pressure, high temperature and catalyst participation.

    Dynamic pressure method

    The dynamic pressure method is mainly explosion method, explosion pressure and temperature conditions and without static pressure method is similar to that of the catalyst (pressure is above 20Gpa), but different methods produce high temperature and high pressure, not by the press, but with the explosive.

    Metastable growth method

    Metastable growth method is a method of growing diamond under metastable pressure and temperature conditions. This method does not require high pressure, usually under atmospheric pressure or negative pressure (vacuum).

    Application field editing of single crystal diamond

    Machinery processing industry

    Diamond grinding tool is a special tool for grinding cemented carbide. When grinding carbide tools, GC abrasives 4-15g should be consumed per 1g metal, while diamond only consumes 2-4mg.

    Electronic and electrical equipment industry

    Hard and brittle valuable semiconductor materials, such as silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, etc., want to make small pieces of semiconductor devices, need to cut and grind processing. The most suitable method is to use diamond cutting saw blade. Polishing the semiconductor material with diamond grinding paste is not only efficient, but also can reach the highest surface roughness Ra0.006um.

    Optical glass and gem processing industry

    In the past, silicon carbide was used to process optical glass with low efficiency and poor working conditions. Now all the diamond grinding tools are used, including blanking, nesting, cutting, edging, and grinding of convex and concave surfaces.

    Drilling and mining industry

    Diamond bits are widely used in drilling, drilling, mining and other aspects of petroleum, coal, metallurgy and geological exploration.

    Building and building materials industry

    In marble, granite, artificial stone, concrete building materials, cutting and grinding, widely used in diamond tools.


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